Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Narrow Space Between Dimensions

Last Friday, I quit a job that fed me - in all kinds of ways - for ten years. Next Monday, I'll start a new gig with people I met through my previous career as a journalist, but also some new faces. In between, I was mostly trying to make the transition smooth enough for my pals at Gamekult while preparing myself for the jump to the other side at Plug In Digital / Playdius.

Since the annoucement of my departure, looking at my Twitter mentions almost felt like being able to know what people where saying about you after your death, except that you're still alive. I have to admit the feeling is as heart-warming as intoxicating, since A LOT of people I never saw on my small portion of the Internet popped to ask questions, share their mood or just spread some genuine love.

If you've read this blog from the first post (it's only the third one, easy !), you can see that my ride from game journalism for a website to game scouting for a distributor / publisher for was a slow one indeed. And I'm quite glad I waited before starting this new career, because it let me try new things (the In Dev With podcast being the most important one) while looking for a different position in the game industry.

Right now, I'm not sure about the fate of this small personal place, but I'm confident in the fact that I'll share old and new stories again on Medium or another platform with more modern features than Blogger. I'll sure let you know as soon as my mind will be less busy with toughts about the things I want to build with this new company, the direction I want to go with my life and the time I still have before turning into an old man yelling at Cloud in front of FF VII Remake Jenovae Editionus.

Cheers !


"Walking through the city of too many roads, when I don't know how to walk."

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